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I’m not sure if this is only with me, but with a grade of level 1 (casual server), there is a requirement of a certain number of violations to balance the ratio with landings. I try to execute actions like sitting idle on a runway for a long time or flying above 250 kts below 10000 ft or roll 360 degrees in the air below a 3000 ft altitude. Not that I want to, but it is a requirement that I’m sure you all know of before moving to the next grade which I want but I am not being flagged for any violations still. Any reason why? Anyone facing the same issue? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Casual server does not give you violations for anything. Violations are only given on training and expert servers


Receiving level 1 violations isn’t a requirement to move up to the next grade. The requirement is to have a violations to landing ratio under a certain amount. Receiving violations will make that ratio go up, which is bad.

If you aren’t able to move up to the next grade because of the ratio, it means that you don’t have enough landings yet. Keep flying and doing patterns and you’ll progress to the next grade in no time!


So I can go Mach 2 down the runway at LAX on casual?

Technically yes … but it’s not really possible to stay on the ground while going Mach 2.


I’ll stay 10ft off the runway at Mach 2… dont test me😂

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Thank you @JetSuperior5192. Always had a dream of flying, but my deafness wouldn’t allow it so why not find alternatives ;) Currently with 60 hours of flight time and ongoing!


Ah that makes perfect sense! You made me feel better @yoshi_flyer! Looking forward to upgrading!

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