Violations / Landings

I’ve noted that my violations / landings in last 12 months is not counting properly. The number was 11 violations / 215 landings and after 2 landings since yesterday, the number still the same. Anybody else with the same issue?

11 ÷ 215 = 0.0511 ≈ 0.05
11 ÷ 217 = 0.0506 ≈ 0.05

You’ll need more landings to actually make a dent in your violations:landings ratio. The number is calculated by dividing your violations by your landings. Welcome to the community and let us know if you have further questions.


this is clear. the problem is that the landings stopped being counted. It was at 215, I’ve done 2 flights after that and it hasn’t gone up to 217. individual landings are being counted but the number of landings/violations is not

That would probably be because you landed twice exactly 12 months and a day ago. The time window is constantly rolling, meaning that you might “lose” landings each day unless you actively compensate. If you do two more landings right now, you should see the counter increment up by two; tomorrow, you will lose the number of landings you did 365 days ago.


You mean 365 days?👀

Didn’t we roll back 100 days for Daylight Savings? Only kidding! Yup, I meant 365. Thanks for the catch.

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