Violations/Landings (12 Months)

Yesterday I was flying as a Grade 4 then this came up, in the landing/violations bit. I’m not sure how it works. Any help.

That is calculated by

Total number of violations
---------------------------------- (Divided by)
Total number of landings

Or essentially, for every 1 landing you have 0.37 violations (so just over 1 per 3 landings).

To get it down- do more landings without/with less violations.



The way that the landing / violations system works is that it takes a snapshot of your landings and violations over the course of 365 days.

This means that you have to have a ratio that fulfills the requirement to be under 0.25 violations to landings.

As an example, if you had 100 landings that you did 366 days ago, they then were no longer in your ratio and you’d need to make up for them by doing touch and go’s to get your ratio back under the 0.25 requirement

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Ok, thanks. How many more landings do you recon. It’s weird about the violations because the only ones I’ve had yesterday were warnings. But I quickly sorted it out

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That would depend on how many violations you believe you have over the course of the last year. Judging by your landings, i’d estimate 20 to 30 landings are needed (i may be way off on that, just a rough estimate)


Thanks! You’ve been a great help. Here’s a cookie 🍪! I’ll keep up my landings.