a year ago to the date I got some violations which impacted my violations/landing ratio and changed my grade which I have been stuck on b/c no matter how many times I land a plane it won’t change, so I figured I would just wait the a year (but still played) until it resets or what have you, but yet today only some points were taken off however when I check my logbook 12/10/18 was the last day I ever received a violation. going from grade 3 to grade 1 sucks and I just wanna get it back.

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Can you send a screenshot of your stat table? (The table that shows all of the stats and grades)

Are your landings not counting? It could be a different stat that’s bringing you down.

As far as I know the actual amount of landings doesn‘t even matter. After 7 days you just have to decrease the violation/landing ratio by doing more landings. It doesn‘t take one year to get back on the ES because of violations.

Correct me if I‘m wrong

You are right. I believe he is trying to say that the landings won’t register.

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