Violations in FNF

SO I was just doing a FNF from LOWW to LOWI on a Q-800 and was called from my dad to eat lunch. I was cruising at 24000 and at 280 knots while I was climbing ( was eating at the moment),I encountered overspeed, which I don’t know how. Pls help me.

Well… you probably went over speed… The higher you get, the lower the air speed you can go.


Sorry to hear about this.

280 knots is very close to the overspeed restriction for a Dash 8 at that altitude. Try slowing down next time to around 240-250 kts and double check your speeds and autopilot before walking away from your device.


But 24000 is still under the MACH loop. I don’t know how this could have happened.

To be clear, the speed restriction is what for that aircraft?

The “someone called me excuse”…🤦‍♂️

Anyway yes you’re max speed decreases when you get higher so you need to adjust it. In the dash8 I have to say I find that the max speed changes more than the other planes. (Maybe I’m wrong) nonetheless you keep having to adjust speed to avoid a violation.

It’s altitude dependent. 280 kts above FL200 from my experience is close to the limit. Read what @jakevaz423 stated prior.


I’m not trying to make up a dumb excuse,this is what actually happened.If I was there I would have decreased the IAS.

Even if it’s not an excuse, the plane is still under your responsibility. Anyway I never said you made it up just that well it doesn’t explain much…

If I know I’m in a crucial phase of the flight and I have to go away for some reason I just quit the flight…

And I still don’t understand how at least I’m not at grade 2

Also, remember that as you get higher, your aircraft’s maximum speed gets lower. I was just flying at 24,000 feet and can confirm that 280kts is right at it’s overspeed limit, if not over. Remember to keep watching your device while flying! Especially on expert ;)

Edit: As for your G2, you have 6 landings in 24 hours, which is over the max limit.

See you in the skies!

Cruising…while climbing…

Not sure which.

But anytime you stop paying attention you get what you get. It’s not unfair. The system doesn’t know you’re not looking and change the restrictions or the physics. If you were still climbing there’s no reason to suspect that the speed bar didn’t fall below your speed. It’s not really a mystery.

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For grade 2 you need fewer than 5 violations in a day you have 6 so you’re grade 1.


However there is a bug, second time I’ve seen it, where it doesn’t orange out for some reason

Yea I just noticed that now 🧐 weird… I think a flight on casual could help for that.

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So I need to wait one week to get back to grade four?

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Exactly! one week will do

Please watch your speed along with VS and altitude while climbing and descending. It can be easy to overspeed if you don’t pay attention to these. I suggest watching your aircraft from takeoff to climb.

Sry that was a typo. I meant that I was climbing to my cruising alt of 24000

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I will do that from now on so this won’t happen again. Just wish it could get reversed . :(

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