Violations in flight

Okay, so i was doing a long haul flight 17 min in to depature, around fl390 everyrhing was okay, speed was set to mach 0.84. I go to take out the diswasher came back to see i had crashed. I was overweight with the 789 i do that all the time works perfect all the time. And you May think 6 violations isnt that much, but when you have waited a whole week to get to expert again its pretty boring to get back to grade 1 and wait for one more week, and i dindt know the reason for the crash

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I believe if you are overweight, FL390 is way too high to start out with… Try step climbing next time
Maybe that is the reason, but I am not sure

Hope this helps! :)

Iknow that isnt the reason i do that all the time, never crashed before

Too add onto that. Violations and Ghostings are only reversed if it is an issue with the app. Crashing because you left the screen during climb isn’t an issue with the app.

Also if you are overweight/doing a long flight you should really aim to do step climbing as it will reduce the amount of fuel used during climb and decrease your chance of crashing/stalling out

I did a steep climb vs 4400

That is your answer right there… 4400 is way too high for a overweight 789

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I left my screen because I was already at 390

A steep climb is going to dramatically reduce the amount of fuel you have and will increase the risk of crashing. And sometimes if you climb to fast the engines can’t keep the plane in the air and you’ll crash, or the engines will burn out. vs1000-1500 is normal, some people use less if they are heavy.

At fl250//260 I reduced vs to 2800

That is still way too high! Try starting out with 1000-1500 like previously mentioned, and if you want to slow down seeing as you were overweight, change it to 500-1000

I did this just on a flight to Munich a few hours ago

You should stop the climb around 260 and fly for a bit before continuing to climb up to 300 for example and so on. Climbing to 390 just minutes after take off is mainly the sole reason you crashed

A lot has been mentioned already, including the guide to step climbing.

You mentioned the aircraft was overweight and you’ve got some good info on vertical speed. While aircrafts in real life often takeoff with a high vertical speed (around 2800 feet per minute), often the vertical speed is reduced after reaching around 10,000 feet to a much lower level. Especially in an overweight aircraft, I reduce my climbing to under 1500 ft/min and I don’t climb higher than FL330. It’s quite normal to takea15 - 20 mins to reach that altitude. After that it’s time to hang around there and burn fuel. Any altitude changes after that, climbing to a high cruise, I would myself never do at higher speed that 800 ft/min.

Sorry to hear you’re back at Training Server. Many of us have been there… Perhaps a good time to focus on controlling? 😊


I back down to casual

I think he’s saying he was level at FL390? I’m honestly surprised you got there overweight and at 2800fpm, I’m pretty sure you’d stall out well before you made it. Are you sure you didn’t leave while you were still climbing?

Also, the moderators can go back and look at what happened if you give them your call sign and the time this happened. I’d be interested to see what brought you down.

When you say Overweight, are we talking about that you were above MTOW or were you at/above MLW only?

Also did you climb at V/S 4400 all the way from the beginning (takeoff) to FL390?

He said he reduced it to 2800fpm.

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He stated previously he was climbing at 4400 till FL250, then decreased it to 2800

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@s1b2p5 and @GlobalFlyer1, Thank You for your answers. I missed out on that post where he stated that.

And also another quick note for you @Linox, is that you said you were cruising at M .84, well that is a tad bit slow. Although the 787-8/9/10 can fly at that speed, still the 787-family, all of them, usually cruise at
M .86. So if you were to fly at M .86 instead, that may or may not have done a difference, but it comes down a little more to my previous question about whether you were at/above MLW or MTOW? Since at FL390, you’re pushing the engines a lot with the supposed weight you were carrying. It’s a fight against gravity and you are heavy, being pulled down, unless able to stay airborne with enough engine power.

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It appears as though you may have hit a button by accident. After hitting FL390 you started to nose dive. Your violations were given right before crashing due to overspeeding.

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I cant have hit a button as i was at taking out the diswasher