Violations in an F-16

I was doing some salto’s at EHVK when I out of the no where got to violations for Aerobatics. Isnt that a bit weird? (I take all responsebility)

Greatings, Mell

Yeah you are not allowed to do aerobatic maneuvers around airports on TS and EXPERT


Why is that? I was at an airforce base

Aerobatic maneuvers are prohibited near controlled airspace’s and at low altitudes due to traffic. Just a tip- You can be ghosted for this on expert so best to stick the aerobatics over rural areas/oceans. 1100 knots over the ocean no one cares but you should always stay below 250KIAS under 10,000 or while under control of ATC.
Best of luck
Also this should be in #live as there is nothing wrong with the app :)

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Okay Thanks, But I didnt even get an alert or sound

I don’t believe you do for aerobatics

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