Violations (in 7 days)

I’m wondering how this works. I know it should be self explanatory however it has been about two weeks now and I haven’t had a single violation. It still shows that I have the same amount that I did a couple of weeks ago. The one day violations went away. I need these gone to get to grade 3. Please explain

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Please show your stats page and post it here so we can see what’s stopping you from progressing to the next grade

Please provide a screenshot of your grade stats.

I will but I’m wondering. Aren’t those seven day violations supposed to go away? I know they stay with you overall.

I can thoroughly answer if you can send a screenshot. I need it to answer your question.


When is the last time you’ve flown on live?

I fly almost every night. Last night was the last flight on live.

You have had 6 violations in the past 7 days and you need more XP.


Like @Chatta290 said, you probably have been over-speeding and violating the live terms in the past week, you also need more xp ;)

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I know about the Xp. Working on that one. I haven’t had a single violation in two weeks. That’s why I posted. It has said six for the past two weeks. No changes

I’m going to keep an eye on it for a few more days. I thank you guys for your help.

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Yeah I know what you mean but it’s rare that this messes up the calculations. Just give it 7 days from now and if not then you know something is wrong

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I kinda figured that. I might have messed up somewhere and didn’t know. Thank you

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Problem solved Ladies and Gentleman. I just have no patience I guess. Thanks for all the advice.