Violations - how much days off per violation?

G’day, I conducted a flight overnight last night, I went to check up on the flight and found my 4 year old niece playing with my iPad, unfortunately she crashed. Turns out I ended up with 6 violations, so I’m down to Grade 1, yes I know, bugger.

Now I’m not complaining or anything, just wondering how long I will need to wait until my violations lapse so I can go back up to Grade 5? Is it 1 week per violation? If so, 6 weeks is a while…

7 Days from last violation (3 total) for grade 3

See You In 7 Days! :)

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Nope, no matter how many 7 day violations you have, you will be back in 7 Days.


You’ll get grade 5 in 7 days.


Awesome, cheers for the info members.

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