Violations help

Yeah some of IFATC controller are really nice like @Arthur


Ok everyone, unless you are the controller you have no reason to reply.

Your grade will be restored after the oldest report is over a year old.

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He have 6 ghost in one year

we are just trying to help.

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I don’t understand your question ?🤨

it’s okay to help right?

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Guys, let’s keep the off topic chat to a minimum. @PacificRunway it is up to you if you’d like to contact the controller, you can find the details in your logbook, which can be accessed via the bottom left of the main screen. Once you have that info, let me know what it says and I’ll be happy to help!

Unfortunately if it cannot be reversed you’ll have to wait until the oldest ghosting to expire, but you can practice on the training server!


Ok now I understand it should be closed

It should be o.k to help him.

I was in the same situation… I was 6 out of 5, but had one more week left, and it went to 5… so I was back on expert

As with all reports, your first communication should be with the controller via PM. If you feel the report was an error please share your replay with a moderator.