Violations help

Hey guys I need your help. If I have 6 out of 5 violations in a year does that mean i can’t upgrade in between a year ?


Violations are only measured within 7 days of you receiving them or in a violation/landing ratio. Are you talking about reports (the ones given out by controllers on the expert server)?

Yes I accidentally back taxied on a runway and got ghosted it was my fault and I am really sad :/ because i now have 6 out 5 violations and can’t fly expert and I also have been flying expert for a good year now and I have learned from my mistakes I would just like to be on expert again.

Then it’s a year after your first report.

If you believe they are unfair, you can always talk to the controller. If not, you just have to wait for a year since your first report.

Thanks you sorry for the inconvenience. :)

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No problem, let me know if you need help with anything!

How do I contact the atc ?

Check your logbook to see the controllers name. If you need any additional help finding the controller, let me know.

Hey it’s not a violation, if you can’t go in ES because a controller report you it’s not an violation, you have Ben ghosted

Now that’s your grade table. Go onto the main menu and click logbook, it’ll be on your left.

Yeah that confirm that you have Ben ghosted

Contacted him but he will probably not lift the ghost :/

Always best to explain your side of the story so he gets an understanding. There is is tiny chance you can get it reversed.

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But you can practice in TS for the moment.
And after one week you will be able to go in ES

This is 6 within a year. He cannot go until his first one reaches a year.

The controller will probably have some empathy since it was an honest mistake (unless that’s not what you did). :)


OMG, I’ve just seen, RIP he will have to wait 1 year 😣😢🥺

Was it an accident or intentional?