Violations Help Please

I’m not sure of the exact parameters for the a320s, but the family should definitely not be flown above a maximum speed of M0.85. Most a320 series flights if you look on FR24 or FlightAware are actually flown sometimes at or below M0.80

You can find aircraft cruise speeds here. It comes in very helpful everytime I fly a different aircraft.

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In addition, it seems that the app was disconnected several times before this incident occurred. That may also have factored into the overspeed. Always ensure good internet connection before starting a flight. If this was due to internet, I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do, as this is technically “pilot error”

I had my speed set at 0.68 I don’t see how it can get to 0.87 without me changing it

If the AP is set to a certain value it will try to maintain that value automatically. In some situations it will be unable to do that. If the AP can’t manage to keep the speed under control you need to step in and correct things.

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@Adam_Norman… MaxSez: You had multiple “Application Deactivations” … Master Warnings, pay attention, Pilot Error!
Sorry Carlie… you own the violations!
(Never trust a machine. Man is the interface and must remember in this incident he is the Pilot in “Command”)


Hi go to the end of the replay. If I remember correctly on the replay timeline if you see a red line it means you have received a ghosting or violation and where you are at you didn’t get any violation. Also the speed on the replay is off so you could have been going 250 it’s and it is showing 700 kts on the replay

No worries. What is application deactivation

@Adam_Norman. MaxSez, See the Systems block in the upper right hand corner of the screen. All items should be Green. Red is a warning! Scan your instrumentation. Punch the Red item to determine fault and act accordingly.

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You probably exited IF in flight. After a while you get disconnected from server and a red icon will show in upper right corner as Max said.

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Ok. Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated

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What was your altitude when you set your speed to 0.68?

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