Violations from Crashing

For some reason I was monitoring a flight from eggl to ZBAA recently and it crashed for some reason. I logged back on and I had violations bringing me down to rank 1. This means I miss the flyout from Phoenix on the 29 and may miss the flyout on the 30th at LaGuardia. Is there anyway to appeal of maybe even learn how to stop these?

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Oh what accidentally posted in spanish

Hello! We ask that you only use #support:espanol if you do not know English. Could you please change this to #general? Now as for your question. If you crashed, at what time of the flight did you crash?

I honestly don’t know. Probably earlier on. It’s a 9 hour flight and I fell asleep while cruising at FL42 and like .85 Mach. I’m assuming earlier

Well, how heavy were you? We’re you above the MTOW? Did you step climb?

This was on Saturday night for est.

Climb was normal, 3000 vs. I was heavy though. Very. I over compensate for time bc of past experiences

Did you step climb?

No. Was short for time

Well, if you were really then that’s most likely your answer. You aircraft was most likely two heavy st the time, and there could have been some wind that may have been counter intuitive.

Ooph. Well… I think I’ll make LaGuardia. Stinks that I won’t make phoenix

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