Violations for wrong airport (reset to parking spawn)

So I was flying around trying to get that last 500 exp to go to grade 3 so I can finally fly expert.
I was in a 747 and decided to do a tight banking turn and lost too much altitude and crashed (silly I know but beside the point).

Anyways, so the screen came up where you can select reset to parking - so i did, and got spawned at a tiny uncontrolled airport, before I could end the flight I got a violation for being there. Even though it’s the game that put me there.

That’s frustrating in my opinion!


Hmm maybe dev could remove that violation you got. Also maybe this could be something they fix in global since there will be even more small airports

This is the reason why I would never touch “reset to parking” button. It would be better to go back to the main screen and restart from your spawning point on the previous flight.

If the devs remove this violation, you would see people flying to small airports with 777/747/380 which arent realistic. It would be better to leave and restart again from your spawning point or other desired airport @James_Browne


I know it is quite frustrating, but as @SingaporeAirlines said, you may have to restart again.


Why would they fix it? This is a sim not a crash sim

I don’t think they can do anything, sorry


Tip: when you crash, click END FLIGHT

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I will forward this for you.


Sorry, I’m quite new to this, how do you mean forward?

Forward - means Send

I would send this for you.

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Inform someone who can maybe help about this…


I understand the definition of forward but thanks for the English lesson.

What I wanted to know was to what exactly he’d do with the information.

Thanks @Aernout.


No idea.

But I think it’s toward something good.

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You obviously didn’t understand what forwarding something means.

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I completely understand what forwarding something means @Gavrilo

What I was referring to was that I wasn’t aware anything could be done in the situation - the post was merely to bring attention to it and see if anyone else has experienced the same issue.

I asked what he meant because I wasn’t aware that the issues could be forwarded to anyone.

Be aware of your surroundings, if you crash in an area with lots of small airfields, then you’ll spawn in one of those. So if you know you have a huge plane that can only take off certain runways, just end the Sim and restart from an appropriate airport.

Just take the violation and truck along.


Just to be clear, you will not “re spawn” in the parking space from which you originated, but at random spot nearest the crash or after pushing the re spawn button? This has never happened to me, nor have I attempted to use this function. Just curious.

Turns out no @CyLyric

When you hit it, you get spawned at the closest air strip.

Which in this case happened to be a tiny airfield with a giant 747-400 on it.

If you crashing in a 747, it might mean that you need some more practice before the expert server anyway. Definitely an unfair violation tho, maybe the devs could make it so if your in a jet you would spawn at he nearest bravo or Charlie airport


My crashing of a 747 was mostly due to the fact that I knew I was only on the casual server and wanted to see how far I could push the banking turn before everything went from @Dhops

I quickly found out.

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