Violations for no reason

So, i was just flying from LHR to DUB, and my plane suddenly stalled. I did manage to recover from the stall and resumed normal flight. But, i got violated for going over 250KTS under 5000 feet. But I was going 203KTS. So i got a violation for probably a bug. Is there a way to get it removed?

We don’t need to see it.

@Boeing737Flyer if you really think it’s really a glitch, PM a moderator with your replay as proof and it might be removed :)


Are you sure you weren’t going more than 250kts under 10000feet before and received the violation for that?

As @AlphaSeven said violations would only be removed in the unlikely event of them occurring because of a technical issue with IF.

I tried to brake when recovering from the stall but the plane didnt brake fast enough and i sadly was going 261Kts When i got the violation and it had to be 260…

Simple pilot error. We’ve all done it, one way or another 🙃.

Luckily it’s only 1 violation, so unless you have any others current, it’s practically harmless

Happy Flying!


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