Violations for no reason

Would that affect your airspeed or how your plane preforms?

I’m asking how? not whether you did or not. You can stop a pushback by pressing “BRAKES”, “Stop Pushback”, or by using the throttle.

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Oh stop pushback

Ok. Now when you were in level flight with throttle at 0 was your airspeed continuing to increase?

Yeas it was I was trying to land but the plane would not slow down

Alright. Give me a sec to pull up your flight log. I have a suspicion as to what is going on.


Did you attempt to reduce the speed and not just reduce the v/s (think you said you were looking to descend but reducing v/s alone to -2500 especially at .85m would definitely result in an increase in your speed) - just because each screenshot says .85 mach

i would have thought -2500vs at 0.85 is way too fast?

No. According to the descent formula: 1000x.85x3=2550

this goes right over my head, can you explain what each number means or have a link to explain the formula?

If you look at the first and second images his v/s was at zero when this started.

1000 is a constant, .85 is the Cruise Speed, and 3 is the desired descent angle (most if not all commercial airlines use 3°)

yes i see that, just wondering if he actually attempted to get the speed down at all as the A/P is set on .85 throughout

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Alright. I’ll see if I can explain this in a way that will someway make sense. From what I’ve been able to reproduce, and this is a known issue, there is a “glitch/bug” that will increase engine thrust and decrease fuel burn which essentially will allow you to put an airliner into supersonic flight without burning fuel. I won’t go into detail regarding how to fully reproduce this bug because its something that shouldn’t be reproduced but the severity of this bug in my opinion is quite high. You mentioned that you burned very little fuel, yes, that evidence was supporting my suspicion that you encountered this glitch. I don’t know if it’s something that you were aware of or not, but I will reverse these violations only this time. This will apply to everyone else who reads this message.

The steps below will be brief but they are there to tell you what to do to prevent this:

  • You can pushback with engines either ON or OFF.
  • Once engines are on, use only the “Brakes” or the “Stop pushback” button to halt/stop/cease the pushback movement. I can’t emphasize this enough.
  • Do not use the throttle to override or jump the pushback as this is what will result in the issue. This will result in the glitch beginning and you will not have control over aircraft speed at this point. If for some reason, you do do this by this mistake, its best to exit the flight as soon as possible.

@Jmacd20 You departed at 12:26pm and the first violation was added at 12:38pm. From there your groundspeed continued to increase regardless of what your power setting was set to. Your groundspeed ranged between 700-770kts for the whole trip.


I have 3000 hours in Infinite Flight and ik how to fly and decend

Yes I didn’t know about the glitch plus i did all the steps you said

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No worries. Its just that, that’s really the only way to get to a speed that you did, and to end up using the amount of fuel that you did. Its something that doesn’t come up very often but its something that we’re aiming to get fixed, hopefully, in the next update. It can be extremely annoying.