Violations for no reason

Hello I was flying a A380 EDDF-WSSS M .85 and the plane went all the way up to M 1.17

Can you explain what you did before this happened so we can reproduce it?

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Take maybe a quick peak at his -FPM?

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You descended too much causing your speed to increase.

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I was cruising all day and I was at school so I couldn’t change it in process looked at lice flight and was goin 777 ground speed and when I got home it said I was going m .85

I don’t think that’s VS would be too fast. If he was at .85 when he started his descent he’s doing a normal 3° descent :/

10:33 Flight time/35,875ft = 386kt.
10:35 Flight time/29,401ft = 402kt.

Your VS is too low, -2,500 VS.

I can tell you descended to fast.

Look at the fuel used a little amount for 10:30 minute flight

It says -2500 tho

The issue here is not his descent rate, in photo 1 his VS is 0 and he isn’t descending

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To make sure, in photo 1 you are not descending correct?

Nope cruise alt was FL370

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@schyllberg would you mind taking a look at his track log?

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@schyllberg can only check what speed/VS and other things, why we don’t wait and let Seb say.

So this occurred before you descended, a mod/staff should be available to look at this shortly.

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As far as I know the A380 can’t go that fast

@Jmacd20 When you were on the ground, how did you stop your pushback? Odd question… I know


Yes I did. I don’t know why I wouldn’t

Wait, what version are you using? You do not have the latest version.

Most updated one