Violations for no reason

Hello last night I was flying from New York to Singapore and when I woke up I had about 8 hours left. I went to go do something then I came back and I had 6 violations and had crashed and I still had 10 hours of fuel left. Is there anyway these can be removed
Call sign N9818
Username IFC Den airport
Aircraft 787-10

Hello DEN-Airport,

Could you please go into your logbook and see what type of violations you have received?

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Were you at your cruise altitude?

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Fl 380 at Mach.85

Was your A/P / NAV disabled somehow?

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I’m not sure because I was at basketball and at church

Here’s my log book

It says 19 hours so how would you have 10 hours of fuel left?

Seems to me that you simply ran out of fuel. No big deal but we must take responsibility for our actions.


I could’ve made it though cuz I had almost 20 hours of fuel and was heading with a tailwind

I would assume your Autopilot was disabled in some way.

You wouldn’t as that’s roughly the range of that aircraft, in the future be careful and use a different aircraft with a greater range.

Well, looks like you did over speed in your flight, it might be good to call in @schyllberg as he has the ability to view logs of a flight.

I would assume so because my iPad glitches where everything is randomly pressed so that probably also happened too

You made it to Singapore, made a u-turn, ran out of fuel and crashed by the looks of it. Just around the border of Vietnam & Thailand.


That must have been the cause then.

Well violations will wear off eventually.

So is it my fault that it happened even though I was nowhere near my iPad at the time because I was praying to Jesus

Hallelujah. Jesus has risen… Just like those violations will in 7 days 🙏🏻


Ok I forgot about thatt

This can be closed now!