Violations for 7 days

When it says violations in 7 days does it mean in one week you got one violation. For example, if I get 1 violation in 7 days and get degraded to grade 3, is there a cycle that starts every Sunday or Monday, so if you get a violation on Saturday and the cycle restarts on Sunday will you get your grade back on Sunday or does it mean you have to wait 7 days for it to reset?

sorry if my explanation is weird or not understandable

No it’s 7 days from when you got them, not Monday to Sunday.


it means the amount of violations you have recevied in a period of 7 days.For example if I got 2 vios and i am downgraded to grade 3 I wont be grade four until that 7 days is up or 7 days after I got the 2 vios

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So is it a period or 7 days from when you got it? Looks like your guys replies are contradicting

I have edited more information to the message I sent to see if that makes it more clear for you

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Okay, your post is more understandable. Mods can close this now

Your 7 days violations will end after 7 days after you have received. Same thing with 1-day violation wild end after 24 (1 day) you have received. Hope this will more understanding.

The Day Received Violation How Many Violations I Got How Many Days The Day Violation Removed From Specific Day (1 Day, 1 Week, One Year)
Nov. 18 3 (It will be removed after 7 Days) 7 Days Will end on Nov. 25 (7 Days Only)
Dec. 9 1 (It will be removed after 1 Day) 1 Day Will end on Dec. 10 (1 Day Only)

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