Violations error

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So last night I decided to do VTBS-YSSY with A330-300. I set the speed when climbing into 250kt under 10.000ft and 305kt when I’m above 11.000ft (305kt means the speed are gonna turned into M.082 when I reached 28.000ft) and at 35.000ft my speed was M.082. Somehow in the middle of the flight (7hours since I took off from VTBS) I got 5 violations because of over speeding. I checked the replay and it shows that my speed is M.094 during the climb and cruise. Is it because of the weather issues? Can a staff check it out please? Thank you so much.

My callsign is Thai 4 7 7


It would help if you posted a replay. It could have been a tailwind or you could have run out of fuel and nosedived.

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Tailwind doesn’t matter. It increases ur airspeed and not gs. Its the gs u get vios for.

Huh, it looks like the aircraft did a dive by looking at the violations. First, the autopilot could’ve somehow disengaged, making the aircraft automatically fall, and under 10,000 ft, you got an aerobatics violation due to the controls the aircraft was exerting. I’m not sure, but that’s the only thing I could think of. And also, setting speed to 250 knots KTIAS under 10,000ft is quite risky, as due to the currents it could go over the violation speed limit. And I don’t recommend setting speed over MO.80 on cruise, as it’s not efficient.

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But isn’t the A330-300 cruising speed is M.082?

Send me the replay and I can take a peek at it.

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Stable tailwinds do not cause this.


Here’s the replay

Give me a moment to look at the replay Jonathan. I closed this for the time being so these guys can stop their guessing game. Thanks for the patience.



After reviewing the replay, I’ll be removing these violation. But I’d like to explain the WHY. Because of this winds aloft outage that we’ve been experiencing over the last say 48hrs+ its been causing a few weird things. I’ve noticed this first hand today and can see how this would occur. Here’s my theory and its highly likely this is what happened so I’ll try explaining this in a way that would make as much sense as possible.

  • When the winds were brought back online, we saw speeds in excess of 155kts and shifting in cases of more than 180 degrees in a matter of a few seconds. (less than 10 seconds)

  • The replay shows your speed in a ground speed readout.

  • When you were cruising, you were most likely in the range of 240-250kts Indicated Airspeed for an altitude of FL350.

  • When the winds were brought online, you were hit with a wind that carried the features of a jetstream. So something in the 100-160kt range. Its hard to tell what your winds aloft at the time were, but its evident you hit a wall of wind.

  • Now this wind shifted and may have increased in velocity. When you have a tailwind that hits you in such an instant, about 1/2 of your airflow over the wings were lost. So instead of you flying say, 240-250kts, you were now flying 120-125kts in an A330. Those speeds are too slow for the aircraft to even takeoff with proper flap settings.

  • By this winds aloft data error, the winds essentially sucked whatever airflow you had over the wings and left you in an unrecoverable state.

I’d like to make this clear, normal changes in winds do not and will not cause violations. This is an extremely rare occurrence. So long as you’re flying normal aircraft cruise speeds, violations will not be picked up regardless if you’re flying into, with or across a jetstream.

Thanks for the understanding and we hope to get this wind data back up and running as soon as possible.