Violations due ovelsleep, because very tired

Hello there! Can i’m remove this 3 violations because overspeed below 10.000, im oversleeped 1 hour, because very tired from work… can I’m delete this 3 violations? Just please…

I’m reached Grade 5, 2 days ago… no violations from 2018. and there it is… because oversleep…

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I’m sorry, it’s your own fault if this happens. Message @appeals if you have any questions :)

it’s not my fault…

Unfortunately, Level 1 violations will not be removed unless it was a glitch in the app.
Oversleeping does not qualify for this

(A quick tip is to not activate VNAV before sleeping, activate in in the morning where you can monitor your device)

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Im very tired after work, totally forgot this…

If you over sleep you over sleep I have had a similar thing happen to me but I was fully aware and forgot to change speed as I was climbing but I just waited out the violation. Things like this happen if you think your going to sleep in set a alarm or don’t fly.

Ive done this too, we all learn from our mistakes
You should have your grade 5 back soon 🙂

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Sorry, but IF pilots have to be attentive during decent. I wouldn’t contact @appeals since they don’t take Level 1 violations.

I wanted to do that to… but I’m just started sleeping…

Like others have said, there’s unfortunately no way to get these reversed, unless it’s an issue with the app. I know it’s not the best, but the good thing is you still have access to ES, which is always a plus. The seven days will pass, and you will be back to grade 5 in no time!

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When I fly I think is the flight long enough for me to land and if it’s gonna be close I set a alarm it’s the playing ahead that saves you

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Why 7 days because overspeed… it’s too more…

You still have access to the expert server what’s the big deal I had the same thing happen to me and didn’t care and just wanted for grade 5 to come back. It helps you learn also to plan.

@Shafran I under stand your frustrated but in some english speaking countries that term is offensive.


What im need to learn lol… my mistakes? im a flight attendant, IRL, and i very tired after flights… that’s why i oversleep for 1 hour…

Then go rest after a hard day of work

A pilot always plan ahead such as diverting airports. If ur gonna be tired set a alarm as the planing ahead.

Most of us have probably received an overspeed violation before. It passes, you have your grade 5, and you will never make that same mistake because you learned from it 🙂

I think this topic is repeating its self; you should be fully attentive before arming VNAV. It is a leading experience and it comes and passes.

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