Violations do not disappear after updating, and violations will be issued soon! What's going on!

What is a warning? The violation was issued immediately after the warning was issued. That’s not one, but two. Two violations occurred in 3 seconds after the warning was issued. What are you doing!

Can you give me more information?


Did you receive this from ATC? Was this system generated?

Hello! Thank you for your reply. The content of the violation is overspeed, but the warning and the violation were displayed together.

The warning continues to show after your first violation, and will continue to show until you slow down, regardless if you hit the max number of violations.

It is not a violation received by active ATC, it is overspeed, but a warning and a violation are displayed at the same time, and another violation increases after 2 seconds. Obviously a funny punishment.

Hello, this sounds like a level 1 violation, which is computer generated.

That probably means that you went away or weren’t paying attention to your device so you got a warning but you just didn’t see it. It probably meant that you got the violation and after you got it you were still overspeeding.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but the violation will come about 20 seconds after the warning, then the second one 20 seconds after the first


I believe this is true


That’s not right. Warnings and violations were displayed at the same time! If it is normal, it will be displayed in 20 seconds after 2 seconds! This is not my violation! It’s a system bug!

It didn’t work as normal! Warnings and violations were displayed together in 2 seconds without either 20 seconds! Obviously a system bug!

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I’m telling you that the system isn’t working normally!

Maybe get in contact then with @moderators

Whats your Infinite Flight display name and callsign?

when a violation and warning appears at same time that means you got the 20sec warning, then got a violation (the violation message) and it is showing another warning (for another violation) after 20 seconds you will receive another violation

Can’t you understand the story? I’m saying the warnings and violations were immediately displayed on the screen together! Why do I have to say the same thing over and over? Please read the sentence properly!

Do you mind sending your replay on share my infinite flight replay?

Will be dealt with via PM

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