Violations Bug? (Overspeed)

Well, I was starting a flight from LOWW to LOWI and after taking off I set up everything, speed and altitude, suddenly the overspeed alarm started sounding and I immediately go to my phone and set the speed under the limit, then I left for dinner but I noticed that the alarm was still there. I checked the grade and everything was normal, I left it without giving that much importance, then I tracked my flight on LiveFlight and I saw that my grade was 1, I checked the phone and it said two. What was going on 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 I still ignored the alarm obviously checking my speed and landed but I noticed that the alarm was still there even if I turned the engines off, I have two videos and some pics about the situation if they’re needed, any way to get the videos here?
Video 1:
Video 2:


Did the warning go while you were climbing? What speed did you set it at after you heard the alarm?

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I set the dash at 250 with 280kts, I heard the alarm as soon as it reached 240kts and I reduced it asap, I guess without getting a violation

The best way to get the videos to us is to upload them to YouTube and post the link.


Wilco, I’ll post them asap

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Did you inquire a huge tailwind by any chance?

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Negative sir, I didn’t

Videos are uploaded and shown in the links above

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The red dots indicate overspeed. 250 knots and upwards is overspeeding.

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Yes it is :) thanks for the comment

Were you still getting violations on the ground with your engines off whilst the overspeed alarm was on?

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What altitude in the dash? The speed is much lower the higher you go. 250kts will exceed the limit in the mid 20k’s.


Exactly,the Dash limit speed is different than others planes,depending on the altitude 280k is too much and vio are sure.


Were you flying the plane or was the auto pilot flying the plane that’s my question.

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I Was at FL240 at 240 after I got the alarm, I got it at 250 :)

I flew it by myself and by autopilot but no matter who flew it, it kept telling me that I was overspeeding

You can see it in the second video ;)

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Thats the same thing that happened to me.

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This same issue happened to someone else just hours ago. very weird! How many violations did you get?

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I got 6 violations in that flight 🤔