Violations - bounced to Grade 1!

How did this happen? Made a flight this morning, landed bit heavy, taxyed off. Came back this evening and I’ve been bumped down to grade 1.
Who makes these decisions? How do I get an explanation? How can I put a case if I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done to justify downgrade?

Can you post a screenshot of your grade stats :)


Take a picture of your grade sheet. You may have gotten ghosted if it bumped you down that far.

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How many violations did you get during your past flights in this week? I’m not sure Ghosting will put you to Grade 1 (They will put you to Grade 2)

Did you fly out the region?

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I don’t think so, as His XP are still about 70.000XP

No managed to land and vacate

Shows 25 violations in last 7 days, but in grade 2 - I was grade 3!

Read your grade information it tells you right there.


Not sure what you mean

Go into where you change callsigns. You will see your grade with an i next it. Click on the i and read what it says.

He’s saying that you have had 6 violation in the last day when Grade 2 requires 5 or less. Problem solved.


Where do you get 6 from? Anyhow, I didn’t receive any notifications of violation

Just do what I said please.

See screen shot above , please

And did you read what it says? Obviously not @DeerCrusher is correct.

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ok, but if I didn’t get notification during flight, how can I be downgraded?

just because you missed it across the sceeen doesn’t mean anything. Wait the 5 days and you’re back to where you where.

Seems that we have some over zealous IF police out there wanting to stamp on every tiny infringement, but can’t even be bothered to explain why. Doesn’t sit well with those investing in an otherwise sound product

Were not the police. Were simply telling you that the reason you are the grade that you are is because you have too many violations, and whether you saw or didn’t see the notifications, regardless, you were notified. There’s no other way around it. Topic has been flagged for closure.