Violations because of a bug ( plz help )

Hey , I was casually taxing with a 737-800 rayanair to the runway at London STN ( flight STN-EIN ) EIN = Eindhoven. flightplan everything was ready and I was holding short because a buddy of me also joined me . So than I fall in to the ground and than I got out of the game .

I thought let’s do WiFi router off and on so I did that and joined back than I fall in to the ground at my gate ! I was checking if my WiFi was working and got 2 violations its all good with the WiFi and than I was grade 3 … I was like uhm what happened. So I hope you guys can fix it btw I’m flying on a iPhone 6s and I’m grade 5 - ty jairo

Clear your scenery cache regularly before your flight :^) These “potholes” are fairly common. I’m sure moderator contact will help you out.


Thanks but what do you mean with “ clear the scenery “

Go to Settings > General and you can clear the scenery cache there. :) Should be towards the bottom.

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What does it do ? Bc I don’t understand

It just clears the data you’ve collected from the scenery you had loaded in in previous flights so it starts fresh :^)

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Thanks a lot will do

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I just saw I already did that so I don’t think that was the problem

Heya, in addition to what Tsumia said, next time you have an issue with the simulator, have a look at the Support FAQ thread as it is likely that your issue would have been brought up already (like this one has).

Regarding your violations, please wait for a member of staff to reply to see if they can be removed. This is one of those very rare cases where it’s the app’s issue, so you might get lucky with them removed. Please drop your callsign and display name just in case.

A cache is data which the app stores so it does not need to download the same scenery over and over, which saves computational time and improves performance. When the scenery is downloaded it can be corrupted which causes you falling through the ground. Clearing the cache will effectively make the simulator redownload the scenery from scratch so the corrupt scenery can be redownloaded which fixes the issue. Don’t clear cache before every flight. This only needs to be done when there is an issue.

Have you done this after you fell through the ground? If you have, visit that spot again and you should no longer fall through the ground.

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No I did it before already

There’s no harm in doing it again.

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Btw ( was ) I am a grade 5 pilot

I just did that

Clearing scenery cache before experiencing the issue doesn’t make sense, especially if you are flying from an airport you haven’t flown before (as there would be no cache stored for that airport scenery anyway). You should only clear scenery cache after experiencing the issue. As I said, if you now go to the same spot after clearing the scenery cache, you will not experience this problem.

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I landed yesterday at STN and I’ve been in EIN so i dont understand what did go wrong

Hopefully you can get this issue resolved! There’s nothing worse than glitches like this that actually have a huge effect on game play. Very rare, indeed! Hope you never run into this issue in the future!

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