Violations at Grade 2:

Yes. But like i said, the 7 day violations will take 7 days to fall off.

How do I increase my XP?

Doing flights and pattern.


I recommend doing touch and goes when you’re free during the day to gain landings and some XP and do long hauls overnight which will rack up a lot of XP.


Whenever I do overnight flights my device keeps going off after 3 hours for example I tried twice LHR -KJFK which lasted for 3 hours next morning it was off, my WiFi is perfectly good and capable…

Also, have a look at DeerCrusher’s guide for more info as well.

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Ah, thanks very much.

Try turning your device’s graphics and brightness all the way down.

I did that and kept it on charge…

Hmm… you could also check out this thread:

Alright, thanks for your help buddy, also should I do touch and goes for XP on casual servers? Would it equal same amount of XP on Training server?

Glad I could help! :)

And yes it should be the same amount of XP for each server.

It depends on how long you’re in the air or how many landings you do.

Alright thanks guys!

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They’re already Grade 2. They’re trying to get to Grade 3.

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I didn’t notice that, thanks for telling.

Exactly what I’m doing. There is certainly NO other way going faster. Good point!

Make sure before any long-haul flights, have…

    • Lower brightness to full
    • Plug to charger (make sure it does not overheat)
    • twitch setting to lock your screen for a minimum longer what you currently have. (I have an option for never, etc.)

Hopefully this helps!

Did you check your logbook to find out how the flight unexpectedly “crash”? It might have crashed and since you weren’t aware the phone might have switched itself off automatically. It’s unlikely that you’ve only slept for 3 hours overnight and then comes next morning, that’s illogical.

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