Violations And Grade

Odd, entitled request here. A flight of mine crashed recently causing violations to go through the roof. This made me rank two and has prohibited me from attending many fly out events i had scheduled this week. Right now an lga one is being held that I had signed up for a while ago and now I can’t attend is there a way that I could get rank three back for like 3 hours or no. I am assuming no because it’s not a regular thing and I may not even be possible. Sorry I am just being desperate

I’m sorry but there is nothing we can do and no exceptions can be made. Countless users have had the same situation as you. We all must take responsibility for our actions. We apologize for any inconvenience, maybe you can get your grade back up in time for other events you planned to attend.

What is your current callsign?

Entire grid went out. It may of been my WiFi. Thank you for the offer. Idk what’s going on where I am.

I too had the same issue! Except I’m down to grade 1 now 😭😭😭. Mid flight engines cut out and ended up racking up a heap of violations :( any suggestions? Thanks!

@Elliott_Ewell - See this post by Chris:

How many violations are we talking about?

  1. Yes Chris. Current call sign is Fedex 288 and username is Boeing to Town

It is max before ghosting. I was out and came back to a crashed flight.

This isn’t a thread for requesting violations to be removed, though I’m sure that would be a popular thread😉

What was the cause of the engines cutting out? Did you run out of fuel?

Judging from the time I would say the servers going down. I had the same issue when they went down where I got the error you get when someone Est uses your account, but luckily I was in solo.

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Ok. If you where in solo though you wouldn’t have got any violations?

Yeah in solo the message pauses the sim as well, but I assume this is why his engines cut out.

The time of the violations and when the server went down were on different days.

The best thing to do is to just wait it out.


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