Violations and grade problem

Operating system:
Yesterday I was flying from MMMX and I got disconnected from my flight because apparently I had gotten 3 violations and it didn’t even give me any warnings that I recall I wasn’t doing anything against the rules after that I went ended my flight and tried to start a new one and I was flying on expert server but then after is said that I couldn’t continue because I was on level two and not level three. So it bumped me down from level three to level two

You probably received level 1 violations that would cause a decrease in grade from 3 to 2. Could you send a grade table or violation history screenshot?


Was you monitoring the flight the entire time?

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it said I entered the runway without permission but i was approved to enter the runway but then something happened with the connection and it said that I wasn’t given permission to enter the runway.

I decided not to continue after it took me offline which was right after departure

No real way to prove, unless you took screenshots. I suggest contacting appeals, and in future ensure you do have clearance before entering the active runway.


Looks like you got a level 3 violation, check your replay to verify if you were told to enter the runway. If you were then go ahead and contact appeals, if not you’ll be out of the expert server for 7 days.


Thankyou I really appreciate it

Alright Thanks for the information

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