Violations and children!

So I’ve just received two inflight speed violations for the 2 minutes that I was away from my phone looking after my children 😫😫
I’m not one to moan about violations as it is what it is, but I’ve really kicked myself for this as it was so avoidable.

Does anyone else get really annoyed by violations?

My mrs does not understand why I take violations so personally 😂 ive got 4 violations in 110 flying hours. It really annoys me I don’t have a perfect record.


I’ve got a hell of experience 😂 all I can say is, never watch Netflix while descending, or you will most certainly completely forget your flight


Nothings more frustrating than accidentally falling asleep and receiving 3 violations


I recommend emailing the Infinite flight support - or pming schyllberg to get them removed. You can also pm the mods.


Exact same for me 😭😭


I thought you just had to take level 1 violations on the chin?

I know the feeling… it happens sometimes, violations don’t mean much and are nothing to worry about its all good Bro. Don’t worry about it, I don’t know anyone with no vio’s and to have only 4 is impressive! Well done! Family comes first at the end of the day this is only a game, I can say we all take violations personally as they are just so stupid when we get them.

Don’t look to the past though focus ahead to the future and how you can learn from your mistakes, a man is no-one without mistakes, we all learn from them in the end its all good.

Focus on your flights and your all good but as said Family and loved ones do come first, you can always redo a flight, spend time with those you love. See you around.


Good idea, however, I doubt they will remove the violations, since they only happens if it was an error with the violation system. In cases like these, there’s nothing OP can do but wait for the violations to expire.

I have been there, but unfortunately, the mods can’t help with removing the violations for such a case.

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😂😂 i dread to think how many you got!

These were my thoughts. Complete error on my part, albeit I walked away from the screen for a valid reason. Disadvantage of not being able to pause an online flight.

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Hello, @Anthony_East!

I searched all over your account and just couldn’t seem to find those Violations anywhere. It appears you didn’t get any today! Super weird. 😉

Your kids are always more important. Happy Holidays from Infinite Flight!

In case it wasn’t clear - I’ve removed your Violations!


Have a good day :)

Tyler to the rescue


That’s really kind of you to take the time out to say that. Yes you are absolutely right - family does come first.
As you say, look forward and move on! Thank you! 🙏

Yes. Very.

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Ay man I almost got 2mil XP. And I’m grade 2 it happens and I don’t care honestly

Must be John cause I ain’t Cena thing. 😂


Waaaaaay 😂

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AHA! Looks like Tyler is the Official Infinite Flight Santa!


Haha lol 😂

Usually when I need to tend to my baby sister I just land with one hand and use the other to tend to her. And yes I am a pro IF pilot so I can land with one hand and grease😼