Violations / Aircraft Down (Out of Fuel)

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I woke up this morning to five speed violations and a ghosting because I ran out of fuel flying from Milan to Tokyo and the aircraft went down in an uncontrolled plunge.

I put the block fuel generated from Simbrief thinking that was enough, as it always has been. I did push the cruise speed from the recommended 0.84 Mach to 0.86, so feel like that’s what did it, but I do that relatively frequently without any issues.

Is there a mechanism to reduce the violation to 1 (or even 4) so I can keep flying on the Expert server, or do I just need to sit this one out for a week?

Replay here:

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Unfortunately you’re just going to have to stay off expert for a week. Indeed, it sucks, but these violations most likely won’t be removed as it wasn’t app error.


The fuel time it says when loading the plane is not always accurate because it does no account for wind and taxi, I would suggest next time have your fuel time an hour or two longer than you expect

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I believe simbrief does indeed take wind into account.


It does, still I will put in extra fuel just in case

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Of course. I tend to go with 2 hours of extra fuel, as sometimes I go too far and have to turn back.

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Also if you have to wait to land if ATC is busy and the airport is full

I see many of these issues on the forum… I do think your best option, if you’re going to leave the phone unattended for any amount of time, is to stay on casual server. Otherwise we know what’s going to happen.

There is no way to decrease your total violations but only landings to violations ratio sadly, really just plan ahead and put extra fuel for routes flying into wind or a busy air space.

No. I’ve been flying since 2013. I use an iPad basically just for IF and fly long hauls all the time.

I’ll still be grade 5 when I come back…my ratio is still quite low…but a week’s banishment for this seems excessive.


My point is just that we cannot simply excuse our absence of attention on a server that we expect to be as close to reality as possible. Pilots do not simply click the autopilot and go to sleep. I’m not trying to be rude, I just think that it is more appropriate to be on the casual server if you are worried about your flight crashing.

Yes it does, but the AIRAC is outdated, thus, winds must be different from more than one year !! I always fly using SimBrief, but every time adding 5/10% fuel more than written in the file !

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I always pack extra fuel so I don’t have this issue.

There is always weather at hand, I dont believe Simbrief calculates this. I can say that Mark is a highly experienced pilot, more than most of us here in Inf… (I just crashed on final because of the weirdest stall bug ever I’m reporting that), in Infinite Flight, and sadly the only way violations are removed is if it is a bug of the game itself. Most of us have had this, and hated every second it. I’m afraid unless you are interested in messaging Chris to ask about Simbrief and his integration and details of it, then you’ll most likely just be off the ES for just under 7 days.

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That’s why I always put my fuel at 100%

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