Violations after I leave my flight

Hello, I was about to takeoff when I had to leave. I left the flight and when I returned, I got 3 violations. Is there anyway to revoke my violations?

Unfortunately there is no way unless there was a glitch in the app


Do you mean you closed the sim or ended the flight? Or did you just close the app for a moment?

Could you provide a screenshot of your logbook and what the violations were

Hmm, is my situation considered a glitch? I returned to the menu and I got 3 violations.

Maybe not leave while on takeoff roll? That might be why because you left and got over speed as during takeoff you couldn’t throttle down.

@First_Officer_Lee it will better identify what exactly happened

@First_Officer_Lee also this could be the difference if you get it reversed or not

I left the flight

Like back to the menu

Okay, as @Populeux_Music said can we see your log book?


Yeah but what did you recieve the violations for and did you recieve any while you were leaving the game

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Click on it and send the stuff it says

Click on the flight then the information tab

Click on the “3 violations” and then press the ‘I’ button at the bottom…and then send us a picture of what it says…

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So it looks like you were overspeeding on ground which means you were going faster than 35kts on a taxiway.

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Most likely you were over speeding and left the game after you got those violations

So let’s just get this clear: You end your flight but you still got a violation.

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