Violations after autopilot stalled the plane

Hello i was doing an Ultra Longhaul on Expert Server from KEWR to WSSS (787-10) than somwere over asia The Autopilot slowed down (speed was M0.80) the plane kinda stalled ant Autopilot pulled throttle up than slowed down and completly stalled and the plane flew down and up in circles. Than it also got in to overspeed so i got 5 Violiations. Now i am down to Grade 2 from Grade 5 i hope that my violations can be deleted because they are from an Autopilot error not from an Failure of mine.

Here you can download the Replay to check what happend

Replay Download


I had that same issue with that plane. It just randomly started going in circles and stalling everyone hour or so. I was only on the casual server so I was fine but I still don’t understand why that was happening.


If I am not wrong, this usually happens on the Boeing 787. I am currently not sure why would the aircraft stall and at that point I would simply control it manually if something like this happens. I’ll check the replay.

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Normally that is what he would do but I’m assuming he was sleeping or doing something else because it was an ultra long haul.

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How do you want to controll that at an flying point where you are as sleep or as i was on Toilet ? And the Device isn’t in your reachable area.

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The 787 cruises at Mach 0.85 and not Mach 0.80, which could explain your stall, especially if there were high winds in the area.

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But why after over 8 hours than it could have stalled earlyer weher the 787 was heavier ?

Well just because it didn’t stall at the beginning doesn’t mean it won’t stall later on the flight.

In a similar way if I leave my iron on, it might not burn the cloth straight away, but doesn’t mean it won’t burn it later on… :)

Yeah there were some winds but not realy strong they were about 10-16knt frome the left side of the Aircraft

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Also the plane accent from FL370 to FL375befor it stalled.

Please check out this one here:

Yes, this is known… And has happened to me. I just increased the speed and th nose pitched down.

I read that befor i know the violations are becaous of overspeed because the plane stalled it selv so its an bug that alredy man people sufferd and yes removal are rearly. but i still can ask if its possible to let theme remove i also didn’t tak an mod or staff.

All fine, I just wanted to share the relevant information. If you had a technical issue I would recommend to make a topic in #support.

If the situation is qualified for violation removal and you state you have violations because of it, the violations will surely be removed.

Good luck and no worries, violations will not be affecting your grade forever.

I alredy had it in suport but somone moved it to live

If a regular moved it you should probably leave it where it was. But I am not too sure here.

Well if you had it set so it would step climb, going .80 above probably FL350-360 you run a high risk of stalling…

Yeah i also know that they won’t affect it permanently i also can wait 7 days but its bad that i have 5 vios on my count that i diddn’t coused

Like I said, it happens to me and I was lucky at hand to fix the issue. As the pilot you are always 100% responsible for your aircraft. This isn’t a #support topic at all as its sort of your fault.

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Yeah you’re right but you cant say that you always look on your device while you fly 4,5,6,7 or more hours.