Violations above 10k feet

I got a violation for acrobatic manoeuvres … but when your above 10 should be no problem right ? I was grade 5 now I’m grade 3 for a week :(

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No matter what always try to keep aerobatics to CS. No serious ES user appreciate it when a fighter is doing loops near them.


Yes what he said, it is not a good Idea to do that in ES as it is not appropriate.

Do it in solo or CS

Aerobatics manuevers and speed are different.


I was with a couple of buddy’s so ye … and solo was like no traffic to escort …

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Ok then CS is the way to go, if you want I can join u and teach you some inverted flying/aerobics

You will be ghosted if you perform aerobatics manoeuvres near airports, in training and expert server


Yes but I’ve read somewhere that’s your allowed to so your own thing above FL100


Yes i know but why that high

Can you show us the source?

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You’re still near the airport.

I’ve never heard of this though.

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Really… mhm … than I take the violation

What was the airport and altitude you were at?
You may have been over 10000 MSL but not out of the tower’s airspace.

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I took the screen shot exactly when it popped up ( LAX TS )

It’s better than a ghost! :)

You still can access Expert Server fine, just that you won’t be Grade 5 for a week.

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Ye I’ve done something stupid but it was fun though. Thanks for helping:)

Still, next time I’d do maneuvers like this in places with less major airports such as the oceans or deserts. I don’t know the root cause of this violation but I’d see if it it was a system issue.


This does not sound like a system issue. If I recall correctly, there are not any vertical boundaries when it comes to aerobatic violations. Even if you were above 10,000 feet, it looks like you’re well within the lateral boundaries of that airspace.

As stated above, the casual server is best for stunts like this.


Yes sir . Copy that

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