Violations 3 - 7 days?

So it goes for violations as well? I’ve been grade 3 for over 3 days now. Changing the rules is fine but was anyone going to mention this to us?

I’m getting the same treatment like the ones who made y’all change the violation rule in the 1st place.

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A ghost has always been 7 days, then was mistakenly reduced to 3 days for a brief period (a few days to be exact), and is now back to 7 as it should be. The violation time has never changed and is still accurately represented by the grade chart found under settings.


You answered your own question. Violations in seven days (as it’s always been for grade 4/5) and your violation was three days ago…

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Violations was never 7 days until recently. Any violation anyone got, their grade would change back after 3 days not 7. The chart now say 7 days for violations. It used to say 3.

If that’s the case, it’s probably not a bad thing. Grade 4 & 5 should require a high level of precision and consistency.

I’ll ask if Laura changed it intentionally, but certainly not against leaving it that way moving forward.

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I dont think it was 7 days to get back to 5…i myself have got back in 3 days due to speed vios…yes its a good step moving forward but it wasnt communicated …suggest tht any such drastic change should be put on loading screen atleast…cant expect all to be on the forums to take note of such changes

I have no problem with changing rules to keep folks in order. I’m all for that. But Laura just updated an old post from Dec 2015 about the new violation rules. I believe if major change in the violation/ghosting happens a separate post should of been made. Letting the majority know and it can spread.

Now I looking for my speed violation to be lifted after 3 days and go back to my grade 5 but it won’t cause I have to wait a week behind nimrods that made y’all change the rules in the 1st place.

So that’s my thing. I’m not screaming Or yelling. I’m just a lil disappointed we wasn’t properly told. So at least we wouldn’t be surprised as I was thinking I’m going to see my grade 5 return but didn’t.


Fair point. I’ll bring it up as a topic of discussion so we can better communicate those changes. Have a good weekend!

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Cool, lisewise, but just understand I’m talking about “violations” not ghosting. I found this old screen shot… the grade/violation chart was always like this. 3 days for violations. Now I have to wait a week, which is kinda unfair cause the changes was sudden and we didn’t know. I’m for it but… communication is key!

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Exact same. I think 7 days is a bit harsh. At least im grade 3 still

I agree… my opinion 3 days violations, 7 days for ghosting. We are not perfect pilots so getting a violation will happen from time to time. But getting ghost is something totally different. 99% of the time it is giving intentionally to a pilot because of mis behavior, acting out, not listening, etc. so 7 days fits the punishment. But 7 days… no not for a violation. 3 days I can live with. 7 days is making me not want to fly and a lil uptight but this is just my opinion!


Hahaha im always salty when i get a violation. (5 in total since i started IF)

That’s what I was seeing. The ghosting time out wasn’t my question but yes it’s 7 days for both. It’s probably a good thing except for situations like the last violation I received which I have no idea what I did wrong. I was focused, not distracted during the entire flight but I got nailed.

Lol me too… I got over 300 but most of them happen when the violation system first took place. My butt didn’t know how to get used to quickly. Getting them left and right. Eventually I caught on. I’m a DJ so at times I’m up late and I would fall asleep on I.F. and get a speeding violations…lol but like I said I’m not perfect as I try to be on I.F. but 7 days is a bit harsh for violations. Even for me. It’s going start feeling like I’ve been ghosted!

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I’m pretty sure the grade requirements changed which means no violations for 7 days to be a Grade 3

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