Violations 3 - 7 days?

Just another quick one. Am I seeing this correctly? It used to be 3 days before a violation dropped off but I noticed it’s 7 days now.

Yh I saw that too. Probably for global flight

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It was incorrectly changed to 3, but was since amended.

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Mmmm. I thought it was always 3 days until just recently.

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Or did you mean to say 3?

This is a new change. Not exactly sure why. Just goes to show that you need to be all that more careful on the server. I am inclined to know why the change.


I’m ready for expert server except this is the only thing stopping me! 😩

Is this for grade 3?

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Ok thank you. Yes we do need to be more careful or the ding will take a week to go away. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I did that got me dinged. It would be awsum IF could enable someone to check their own record of past violations

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Send a PM his way, I’m sure he’ll explain.

Violations still drop off in accordance with the table. Ghosts are now worth 7 days, not 3.


@Anaeem786, please note that the people who qualify controllers to control on the expert server are tested and trained by people some of who are US Air Force controllers. They (almost) never ghost for ‘no reason’. Since you are a new user, the community etiquette is to contact the controller who ghosted you and discuss it with them through Private Message (PM). They will provide screenshots of why they ghosted you as well and if they are found wrong your ghost will be reversed.

@MishaCamp, here is you your moderator/controller who ghosted you. Please Take it to PM and discuss your concerns and reasons as to why you were doing what you did.

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He meant 7. The 3 was incorrect. 7 is correct and intentional. (Re: Ghosts)

First I’ve heard off this…but brilliant! I hope it really raises the discipline levels!!

What’s the reason why? I love the change, just curious.

Holding people more accountable with more incentive to not get ghosted.


Awesome. 👌🏼

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Dont get comfortable saying that.

It says violation 7days as well. I got a speed violation over 3 days ago and it has not been lifted yet. I’m still a grade 3 from over 3 days… SMH

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