I’ve seen 3 really basic plane violations in Expert server. It’s so annoying and I would like to report them but I can’t. Plus I’m not sure if they really go into the violation guidelines. I have all the record on my iPad.
I appreciate a lot if anyone can help me to figure things out.

long haul flight to RJTT.

  1. I was approaching the runway 34L and the plane ahead of me was acting weird. Slow and fast. As you can see in the video, it stopped way beyond the line threshold and technically it’s runway incursion. I did the most logically thing of going around.
  2. My second landing attempt was a close call as the plane behind me didn’t respect the spacing. That person should’ve gone around but it landed with me together on the runway in which was very unprofessional.

Long haul flight to WIII
3. I called my departure first but the plane behind me didn’t call for anything and it just enters the runway and flew away. I think I had the right of way because I was the first in line and I called in for departure.
The hyperlinks will leads to the video recording. Infinite Flight recording


Hi @JanneEllison im sorry to hear of these occurrences you’ve faced on the expert server. Unfortunately, there are some folks who misuse the expert server when ATC, supervisors, or moderators are not present. Although we cannot always prevent these occurrences from happening, if you encounter a pilot who is violating expert server guidelines, feel free to message an active moderator so we can spawn in and take care of it. I also would like acknowledge you by doing the correct thing in this case by going around. Let us know if there’s anything we can do in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!


It happens all the time unfortunately even in Expert Server particularly where in regions where airports ATC is not active but pilots do it.
Unless it’s witnessed by a mod or staff (they have the ability to report such violation) there’s nothing you can do.

Just ignore them, flash the landing lights or use the spoilers to show your displeasure if you come across them in close proximity 😎

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What I usually do is if they have an ifc account, I send them a private message and kindly tell them what they are doing badly, and if they don’t have an ifc account, I ignore them, since it’s not worth it for them to put me in a bad mood.🛌 If you want to always see qualified pilots, try to follow the ATC schedule and fly to airports with active ATCs


Yeah a lot of them don’t have a IFC account to message them - thus annoyance trolls.


Same thing happened to me in Amsterdam one night. Was landing on 18C and then this American guy decided to land like 100m behind me. I sent him a message but he didnt even see it.

This is a message that I sent to him

Hi Asher,
Thanks for the reply.
In the video I sent it actually contains the ID of the user who’s flying.
Is there anything you can do ?

Thank you

But why do they troll ?

I don’t think it’s all trolls. A lot of them are just genuinely bad/confused/don’t care.

Oh thanks for this userful tips.
How should I find the account?

If you go back and watch your replay, open up the map and click on their plane. There will be information displayed and if they are an IFC user, it’ll display a name. If there is just an identifier, chances are you won’t find them. And how others have stated, just by you doing the correct thing is probably the best you can do. And knowing that you are should give you piece of mind.

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Hi Rick the Moderator,
hope you’re doing well.
I’ve just encountered another problem.
This A380 (ID:86092EA9) literally pushed back after I announced my taxiing.
I hope you can do something.

As long as he didn’t push into you it’s not reportable. I’m not saying that it’s not bad etiquette (depending on where they were and were you are it might be), but it isn’t reportable. Reports are not often made in hindsight unless it is an egregiously bad thing of which that doesn’t even come close to qualifying.

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Oh thanks I get it.

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