I was just flying from Frankfurt to DAAG and they said I had a violation of a scam? I don’t understand… My callsign was Lufthansa 1288. I was just requesting an altitude change. That’s why I contacted ATC again. What did I do wrong??? I didn’t deserve that.

What do you mean by scam? Or did you mean spam?

i think he meant spam. not sure tho


They did say scam but I can’t understand why…

Best thing to do in this situation is to find the controller who gave it to you, and PM them here on the the IFC.

They all have IFC accounts, so you should be able to find them.


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You should try contacting the controller by messaging them and get clarification or try to overturn the violation.

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@Hunter_Fellman-Green, have you got a screenshot?

There is no “scam” violation. By your complaint, I assume you mean “spam”.


Oh maybe that was it

@Hunter_Fellman-Green please PM me

Controller will continue in a PM