So I got violated for overspeeding, but that my plane pitched up in a amount of time which made me stall and make my plane pitch down. Then I got a violation. Can someone reverse that?

Contact a moderator with your replay as proof if you think the game is at fault and they might be able to reverse that violation đź‘Ť

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Maybe you weren’t calibrated to your own preference, so next time if you weren’t make sure that your are calibrated so that this doesn’t happen:)

I was asleep during the time it crashed.

strange, even with the autopilot this happened?

So I was flying, the plane pitched up, then it stalled, and the autopilot disconnected due to flight measures. I didn’t calibrate my device to the table, even if I did it wouldn’t do anything.

Well yeh as @anon24319801 said I think you should just contact a moderator as well

Would you mind sending us a replay so we can see what might have happened too?

How do you contact a moderator

You the pilot are responsible for any violations that occur when flying, even when you’re asleep. I don’t believe this to be any form of glitch, meaning the violation will stay, and you’ll have to wait seven days for that violation to go away.


Why would the plane pitch up though

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If you didn’t have your autopilot on then there is nothing that can be done. You should only contact one if the autopilot was on because that could indicate a problem within the game which I don’t believed there is

Send us a replay via so we can help see what happened.

If you don’t know how refer to this:

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The autopilot was flying it.

Well then you should send in the video to @anon41771314
The link he sent

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Hold up, I’ll do ir

Stall can happen if you are too heavy for the altitude. Example: A fully loaded A330 can’t climb straight to FL400. You need to step climb and burn off fuel to get lighter before cruising at FL400.

At what stage of the flight was it?

I recommend to just wait for him to send in the replay file. Asking questions and going back and forth will get us nowhere. Once we receive a reply file, the majority (probably all) questions will be answered involving the violation.

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