I accidentally did 2 violation yesterday, I was grade 2 and now I’m grade 1…my question is, I need to wait 12 months for return to be grade 2?

Nope! Just get more landings and you’ll be fine. You need 2 in total, to be precise. :)


You just need to do 1 more landing and then you will be Grade 2 again :)

Hey mate, what you’re looking at there is your violation to landing ratio. As mentioned, all you need is a landing or two before you will have your grade restored. Happy flying!

Thanks :))

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Hey there, welcome back to the community!

You won’t have to wait 12 months, you just need one more landing to get back to grade 2. The more landings you have, with the least amount of violations, means a better score! Just keep flying and you’ll get there in no time (literally).


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