Hello guys, tomorrow I was flying out of Tokyo with Dash Q400 but the overspending alarm started going, It was saying: Do not go faster then 0.60. I hadn’t got any vio at the moment. But then I slow down to 0.40 but the alarm was still going so the only thing I could do was to end the flight but it gave me 5 violations without any sense because the red remarks never appeared on my screen. Please let me know if I can do something

Was there any tail wind?

Can you share your replay file?

There is a case where you may hear the alarm but not get violations. Chances are you may have received the violations earlier in flight.

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If there was it wouldn’t affect violations

Oh ok sorry

Good job predicting the future!


JK :) Typos are the best


Ahahahah, yeah it was just midnight

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I’ll send you that on dm later

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