Hoping someone can help

I was at KEF this morning on the expert server and parked the aircraft on the taxiway (no other a/c around) and went to make a cup of tea before my flight to EDI but as I put my iPad down I must have pressed the break off. The a/c rolled on and went over 35kt grown speed and I got 2 violations by the time I sat back down! I’m devastated! No expert server for 7 days. I’m normally so sensible and always follow the rules! I was Grade 4 before this and 787,000XP. Is there anything that can be done? Don’t know what I’ll do without the app for a week!



First this doesn’t belong in support

Second you have no choice you will have to wait a week to get back on expert

Thanks for the lovely response

I think this is one of those cases where you’ll just have to wait the week. The whole point of the violation system is to make sure people follow the rules. Even if you were not by your ipad at the time, now you know that next time you’ll have to double check before leaving to make tea.

In the mean time do some touch and goes

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I see, Thank you for your reply

That’s a Good idea, I’ll have to do that

In future remain in the cockpit and get one of your flight crew to brew your tea for you. If you have a girlfriend about the house try this with her see if you end up wearing your cup of tea. Let us know if goes!


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