I need a 0.50 to upgrade to Grade 3, i’m at 0.70…how do I get to 0.50?

It’s simple. You just need to do lots of landings! Your stat goes by landings/Violation ratio. Just do some pattern work at your favorite airport and you will be Grade 3 in no time


You need more landings

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Get more landings. You need to have a ratio of 1:2 Violations to landings. So if you have (for example) 50 Violations and 100 landings you would be fine.

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Do 20 more landings and do long hauls and touch and goes to wash it off

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It’s a ratio, not an absolute number 🙂


Uh oh, here comes some math.
.50 = violations / landings
.50 = v / l
You know your violation count so solve for l.
To help use and enter
your violation count / x = .50
The result is how man landings you need for .50 however remember grade three also requires a certain amount of landings count.

Hope this helps,

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Your landings must be at least twice as much as the violations you got
Blue skies :)

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