Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I guess the allowed airspeed is NOT 350kts above 10.000feet for the DH8D.
It is lower. Based on that theory you were overspending when setting the limit at 345kts.

I also got one of my violations due to overspeed in a DH8D when setting the limit to 320kts.

Can someone confirm the theory? What is the allowed airspeed for the DH8D above 10.000feet?

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Well the higher you go, the lower the limit. Off the top of my head, the ceiling on the DH8 is 24000ft, with that I set the speed to 260kts, which is about 10kts below the overspeed warning at that altitude.

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Alright see you in casual!
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Up to 300 I believe

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Winds may of caused this. Winds can play a big part in speeds

winds will affect your ground it will never affect your airspeed. I am sure he was getting ground and air speed confused

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What plane where you flying?

he mentioned it in the beginning

I think violations are Not removed… After One week it’s Gone but you’ll See the Violation in Book …

To avoid the violations … Take off at 220 kts and after you rise from 10000 feet, speed up to 320 kts for the Large aircrafts , small aircraft to 300 kts.

I was against the wind as well so it couldn’t have played too much of a role, either way I was under 350 on ground speed

This is exactly the airspeed I was at

R you absolutely sure you arnt confusing True Air speed with Ground Speed. I really think u r confusing them for each other

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