Was flying from Haneda to Osaka in the DH8D, I can’t lie I wasn’t the most familiar with speed. I set the thing on the side to “280” and it said overspeed, I quickly reduced to “260.” It was fine, i was cruising at 24,000, then all of a sudden I was reported for overspeeding with no further warnings and now I’m not eligible for Expert. Can I get these violations removed? I was upset because of how sudden and I had no clue. Yes, I could’ve done some research, but in real life they fly around 375kts, I was only at 350 and got reported. Feel it was a little unnecessary


Maybe winds.

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violations are NOT removed


Unfortunately u can not remove your vios
And u said 350 Knts. Is that Airspeed or Groundspeed
If it’s airspeed then you are overspeeding and everything is normal


When I takeoff I go to 245 airspeed and above 10,000ft MSL I put my speed up to 345kts so I am 5kts under the over speeding limit

You should not do that as it’s unrealistic.
Each aircraft has speeds it should be flying at when at certain altitudes or posistions.


As you go higher the aircraft’s Indicated Airspeed Limit Decreases! The 350 Knots you are referring to is the Technical airspeed if I’m not mistaken what you see in your HUD is Indicated Airspeed, there’s a difference!


If you are 5kts under the over speed limit, a wind current could just blow you, causing you to over speed.

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I don’t really care about realism a care about having fun as it is a game (simulator as you guys call it) lol

True I have seen that above 30,000 ft

I agree with @airjonathan1 I believe he was confusing AS and GS.

As i said earlier I think u had your Airspeed at 350knts not Groundspeed at 350.

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Check this out


I agree sorry you got violations

When in smaller aircraft, (i.e. The Dash 8/TBM) this will cause problems (hence this topic)

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I know I make sure I go 5kts under the over speed in any plane I fly

even if you go 5 knots under the speed limit in a Dash 8 at 10000ft (295 kts i think) you’ll be overspeeding when you reach 240000(typical Dash 8 cruising altitude) because there the maximum INDICATED speed is around 250 kts.

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When I fly that high I reduce my speed until I’m 5kts under the OS limit
I have it all figured out!

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Hi @CaptainBarney,

Sorry but violations are not removed however a lesson to be learnt here is not to put your speed only 5kts below the overspeed bar. (E.g if the overspeed bar is at 350 Indicated Air Speed, then you shouldn’t set your A/P speed to more than 335 as a simple gust of wind can blow you over the limit, especially in a smaller aircraft.)

In your original post, you mentioned that in real life, the DH8 cruises at around 375kts (this is true) but this is the Ground Speed not Airspeed. You were trying to go above 350kts Airspeed and that resulted in you getting a violation.

In that case you won’t mind flying on Casual and Training Server and leave the Expert server for those of us who do like to be realistic!

Happy Landings


That 375knts in real life is surely Ground speed or it can
be True air speed but surely not Indicated Air Speed. were you flying at 350 IAS…?

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