I got a violation that I don’t know of. Do you get violation after closing the app without ending the flight?

Thank you!

violations are received by either:

  • going > 35kts ground speed on a taxiway
  • going > 250kts airspeed below 10,000ft agl
  • overspeeding in the air

Were you speeding? Over 250KT Airspeed under FL100, or Over 35KT Ground speed on taxiway. There nothing we can do about it.

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if you check back in your flight log it will tell when and why you got a violation. have a check there and if anything not clear ask away (pass a copy of the flight log as this can help to resolve any issues)

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You don’t get violations after closing the app.

Thank you for your response @Alfster

I’m aware of those basic rules


Thank you for your response @Gabe_Z
I’m inflight now and I will Check my logbook later.

I closed the app but didn’t end the fight.

For now, I am going ask Moderator to close this, like I said there nothing you can do about it.

You can check you logbook by clicking on top-right in pause menu.

@Gabe_Z You cannot do that

What do you mean? Please specific more.

You cannot check your flight logbook while inflight

Oh, I thought you meant Grade book. Yes, you can’t check logbook while in-flight.

@Gabe_Z Sorry My bad

And Yes you could close the topic

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I will just somehow get over with my first violation in 300 hrs

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I can tell you are a good pilot because 300 hours is a lot of days.

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If you could go to my profile you’ll see my flying schedule

Its pretty crazy


Plus I’m studying super hard to get my pilot license

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Yes, you can definitely get a violation if you just minimize the app without ending the flight.
The app is still running for a short while in the background, receiving inputs and such from your device accelerometer.


I see. Thank you so much. I will be careful from next time

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