This is Ridiculous, buy a 1 month subscribtion, have 1 mistake, so I get get ghosted which I understand, but 7 violations? Now I have to wait 7 days just to get a little atc on a flight, this is pathetic


Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the recent ghosting and violations.
The best thing to do is help yourself understand the rules before the week is up. See the image below which explains how you get violations.


Also make yourself familiar with our tutorials for assistance touching up your flying skills and using ATC.



Hello @Tristan_K!

Terribly sorry to hear about your Violations, and Ghosting. As @anon88794458 has mentioned, You must understand all the rules of the flying about, Could you provide a little more detail as in what happened when you had received the Violations, and Ghosting? Several of my 8 total were because of a wind change, and myself not doing any adjusting, I got overspeed violations because my aircraft registered an overspeeding, and gave me 6 Violations, luckily it was on Training Server, so it would have taken a little more than that to be a Ghosting

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Question; how do overspeed violations accrue? Per minute? Per 10 seconds? I have always wondered.

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Overspeeding below 10,000ft, will be anything faster than 250kts IAS. Anything above 10,000 Feet will be when you start seeing the red ticks on your airspeed indicator, if you go into that, you will get an overspeed warning, then Violation. Usually it gives you a few seconds to adjust, if no adjustment is registered, it gives Violations.

If you want ATC, you can also use the Training Server.

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@Tristan_K… I feel your pain, even if it is self flagellation in the public square. it’s like paying for an enima with a rusty applicator! All will come clean in the wash big guy not to worry. Try to do better next time. We habitual violators learned to live with it, we are imperfect unlike some who bloviate here… Cheer’s Max

Think he is asking how much time in between each. 5 seconds? 10? I don’t know the answer though

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That happened to me so many times and like I was ghosted last Saturday because I went to the wrong runway by accident, and I said sorry and I was trying to move away(as quickly as possible), but ya know REALISMMMMMMMMM

Did you contact the controller? And if you go to the wrong runway the ATC should’ve told you to please follow instructions If they did that and you proceeded to the wrong runway the ghost was justified

Shouldn’t this be in #support

Some good advice was given above. Cheers

Support would be for an issue with the app itself. This appears to be a pilot misunderstanding.