I just checked my level and I’m grade 4 but it says I am now grade 3 for a violation. I didn’t see a max violation sign pop up and I don’t know what it is for. Can someone please tell me what’s happening?

What aircraft were you in?

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Taxi speeds- 35kt limit
FL100 and below- 250kt limit
FL100 and above- 350kt

These are the most common infractions.

Commercial and GA aircraft.


Yeah but I didn’t see a sign pop up and I did not exceed the limits.

Boeing 777-200LR last flown in amsterdam.

If you got reported then you may have received a ghost for not following ATC or pilot etiquette.

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No it wasn’t a ghosting. It’s just a violation.

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I doubt the game has given you a “phantom”, violation. I’m not sure but I think @Tyler_Shelton can check violations in this kind of incident?

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Yeah because no sign popped up on my screen and I haven’t exceeded the speed limits. Ill have to suck it up.

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You received 1 violation today for overspeeding, whether exceeding 250kts (260) under 10,000ft or exceeding the prescribed aircraft speed limitation.


I don’t remember going over the limit. But if I did my bad. I’ll live with it.

If you go over 350KIAS it says overspeed but not violation - but it does give you a violation

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Yeah I never exceed the overspeed. It was probably a 250kt under 10,000. That’s my guess. I was just confused on why no warning sign popped up. I have the setting on for the (stall,warning) stuff.

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