Violation :( xD

Haha yes. That was me doing Mach 2.0 low approach at heathrow. i may have accidentally misjudged my AoA and ended up doing an instant pull-up to around 20G! hence the aerobatic manoeuvre violation. Now, i’m disconnected from Ts1, how do i get back in?

and what is a level 1 violation ?

it’s been a while since i’ve played if, so a few changes i’m unfamiliar with i think xD

A level one violation is a violation given to you by the system. Most LVL. 1 violations are overspeeding and aerobatic maneuvres.

If you want to act like that and not receive a violation, then the casual server is better for that.

And to get back into TS, you need to wait.

thanks for the information. Yes, i better go back on casual. i was trying to do a practice QRA typhoon launch to intercept a jet over heathrow. anyways, such fun activities require casual server. away i go. xD. thanks once again


i was inspired by last nights QRA launch from coningsby to intercept a ryanair jet that squawked 7500.

anywaysssssss, mods can close tyyyy

Yeah if you’re wanting to do Qra don’t try doing any crazy maneuvers I have done QRA in expert server where I usually stay around 250 Knots then slow down to the speed of the aircraft and I never fly over busy airspace

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