Violation won’t go away

Hello, so I’m in expert server and I got repeated exactly a week ago, the exact time was 17:56Z, thats what it said. And I’m central and I looked at the exact time it said the violation would go away and it still is there even after 2 hours, please help

Hey Gage

I see that your account is already at a Grade 3 and that this violation is no longer affecting your ability to join the Expert Server.

Can you please send a screenshot of your stats please? This is found under “Account” - “View Stats”.


Have you tried restarting your app yet?

Yes, I closed the ap

Restarting as in shutting down the app and relaunching it. That generally will complete and force a refresh of your account. I’m still seeing you’re a Grade 3 on our end.

Nvm it is now working, thank you for your time

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