Violation without having flown

I just had a really weird situation.
I wanted to fly from Munich to Bergamo.
As I hit the runway, the plane began to sink into the ground.
Then I got a message like „aerobatic maneuvers“ and got a violation.
I made the same flight again and the same thing happend again.
I immediately ended the flight so as not to get another violation.
Please take a look at the screenshots.
Since I got the „Violation“ without flown, I would like to ask you to delete this violation.
My Display Name: Toni
Call sign: AS 1965

i would message @appeals for this.

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The best is to contact the appeals team if you feel that you got an unfair violation. Level 1 violations are only getting removed if it was an issue with the game which it likely was in the case you described. So feel to message them!

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For future, clearing your scenery cache in Settings → General will prevent the issue. As Nico mentioned, message @appeals, this is a common issue that they will reverse for you.


Thank you very much for your answer.

How can I contact „appeals“?
What do I have to do?

PM @appeals (sorry for the tag) by clicking on the bolded text and clicking on the blue “Message” button.

They will most likely ask you for your replay. You can do this by sharing your file to Share My Infinite Flight and pasting the link in the PM.

You can use Luca’s fantastic guide for help with uploading your replay.

Sharing Replays and Flight Plans

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Please check your inbox for a PM from @ToasterStroodie. Thanks!